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Why is Best Gymnastics the BEST?


Why is Best Gymnastics the BEST?

  • We have the best coaches! Our coaches are highly trained and enjoy teaching children and share their enthusiasm of gymnastics with each student.
  • We teach awesome, safe gymnastics. Good gymnastics is the foundation for all other sports. We want our students to learn great gymnastics, have fun, and to take advantage of all the benefits this great sport has to offer! Best Gymnastics promotes a culture of safety and a healthy respect for the sport of gymnastics. All activity at Best Gymnastics is always supervised.
  • We maintain low student to teacher ratios of 6:1 in our beginner classes. We track progress. You will receive a student record report so you will know what skills your child has accomplished. You can also track these skills online.
  • We don’t charge an annual registration fee. You only register with us one time. If you decide to take a break and come back, you do not have to pay another registration fee. BEST students are for life. We do not have ‘sessions’. You pay for class each month and there is no commitment to stay enrolled. If for any reason you decide to discontinue class, simply let us know, and we will remove your child from the class. When you decide to come back, we’ll find a class that is open and you may begin whenever you like.
  • We will never charge a registration fee for our events. All members and non-members are always welcome at all of our Best Gymnastics events for the same price.
  • Our staff has combined gymnastics experience of over 100 years as athletes and coaches. We have coached gymnasts to over 50 individual and team state championship gymnastics titles.
  • Our staff hold many certifications:

• Former National Gymnastics Safety Instructor
• USA Gymnastics Safety Certification
• USA Gymnastics Skill Evaluators
• USA Gymnastics Professional Development Program
• National Association of Women’s Gymnastics Judges
• USA Gymnastics Kinder Accreditation
• CPR and First Aid Course Completion
• USA Gymnastics Meet Director Certification

Come celebrate Olympic Fever at Best Gymnastics with our classes and events! You can register online,  give us a call at 972-874-8800, or email us at

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