Best Gymnastics

What Makes Best Gymnastics Different

Sometimes people ask us, “Why don’t you do karate or dance or cheer or swimming or any other sports?” We could if we wanted, but we are gymnastics experts, and we don’t take to that role lightly. We are a little different. We teach the best gymnastics at all levels. The success of our gymnastics team our first year in business proves that fact. Our coaches teach amazing, technically correct gymnastics in all of our classes. We don’t just throw out a newly hired high school student to teach your child a very complex sport. Our coaches endure rigorous training.

For example, most “gymnastics clubs” will provide a Mommy and Me class, similar to our Little Tots program, but the class is simply a time for the children to run around the gym unsupervised while the Mommies talk. Usually, the coach does not know how to relate to a small child or understand how to move their bodies correctly. While this is a great social time for mom, you’re wasting your money. Our Little Tots program uses a curriculum designed from years of gymnastics and child development experience that actually teaches the students useful skills in everyday life, as well as gymnastics. Yes, mom must participate in the class, but the bonding time with your child is invaluable and the results are endless. Simply ask any mom who attended a high school graduation this past weekend if she could have those years back!

Some gyms claim to teach Olympic gymnastics, a claim full of ignorance and amateurishness. There is only one type of correct artistic gymnastics. The Olympics is one competitive meet held every four years. The type of gymnastics on display at the Olympics is no different than the gymnastics seen at every meet every year in cities all over the world. Of course, the gymnastics at the Olympics is of a very high caliber, but it all begins at the same place. Every Olympic gymnast must first learn a correct front roll, handstand, pullover, and cartwheel, and gymnastics clubs that skip these very important basic skills, do so at their own peril and that of your child.

Additionally, some gyms will say they are non-competitive yet have competitive gymnastics teams. Whether or not to participate in competitive gymnastics is a choice made by the gymnast, parent, and coach. No one can force your child to be a competitive gymnast, but if the desire is present in a child, an outlet for successful competitive gymnastics should be made available and it is disingenuous for a club to say one thing and do another. It is absolutely fine to not want to compete in gymnastics as the benefits of gymnastics instruction are seen in other areas of a child’s life such as school or other sports. Correct gymnastics is an amazing building block for other sports.

We’re not perfect because we’re human, but we strive every single day to provide you and your family with the best possible gymnastics instruction. We take our sport very seriously and have spent years studying and participating in the sport of gymnastics. Gymnastics can be dangerous when taught without a severe respect for the dangers involved or taught haphazardly with no regard to proper technique and basic development. At Best Gymnastics, these qualities are the basis of our program. We take the time to teach your child safely and correctly. We have 6:1 student to teacher ratios in our beginning classes because the beginning is so important. We love the sport of gymnastics and want every parent and child who walks through our doors to experience these amazing benefits. To all of us, gymnastics is best.

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