Best Gymnastics

What Are Best Bucks?

Best Bucks is the Best Gymnastics currency! Best Bucks are earned during classes as rewards for positive behavior and skill acquisition. Best Bucks can be used at every Best Night Out to purchase items at the Prize Station! Best Bucks never expire and students are encouraged to save them to purchase the items they really want.

Be sure to save your children’s Best Bucks for our Shopping Spree on September 8th from 6-10pm! Your children can spend their hard earned Best Bucks at the following cool stores: Bakery, Tattoo Parlor, Beauty Salon, General Store, Arcade, Disco Club, Flip Flop Shop, and the Jewelry Store. And they can put their friends in the Jail too! It’s a ton of fun for the kids while parents enjoy an evening to themselves and it is a great incentive as a reward for kids! The Shopping Spree Best Night Out is for ages 3 and up and is $25 per child with a $5 sibling discount.

We have 4 Best Night Out Evenings planned for 2012. Be sure to register early so your children don’t miss out on all of the fun! Space is limited.


September 8, 2012 Shopping Spree
October 20, 2012 Halloween Party
November 10, 2012 Cartoon Night
December 8, 2012 Holiday Fun Night


Register online or give us a call at 972.874.8800 to reserve your spot today!


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