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Tornado Relief Donations

The City of Rowlett, Texas was hit by a large tornado on Saturday, December 26. The National Weather Service has classified it as EF3. Damage is significant and our hearts go out to the residents who have been hit or are affected by this disaster. Of those residents, a family member of an employee here at Best Gymnastics who’s daughter also attends classes here lost their home over the weekend. If you are interested in helping support this Helland Family or the many other families who were affected by this recent event, please visit the links below. We will also have a “ gift card donation booth” set up at our front desk to help support both the Helland family and other victims of Rowlett. Any support is greatly appreciated.


Click Here to Support the Helland Family

Click Here to donate to the Salvation Army

Click Here to donate to the Red Cross

Click Here for other opportunities to help

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