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Brain connections are made through the activation of an important system that lies deep within the inner ear. This system is called the vestibular system and is the Olympic gold winner when it comes to brain development. Working in tandem with the brain, the vestibular system integrates auditory, visual, and tactile input. Specific types of movement common to gymnastics help the vestibular system develop properly. These include the back and forth movement in swinging, the rotational movement as in twisting, and the up and over movement used for rolling.

Help your child roll into reading by registering for gymnastics classes . We offer classes for boys, girls, recreational, competitive, and tumbling for cheer and dance. Enrollment is simple. You can enroll online,  give us a call at 972-874-8800, or email us at  to secure your spot in a class today! We have a low ratio of 6 students to 1 coach for all beginner classes so space is limited.

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