Best Gymnastics

Gymnasts are the Best athletes – ESPN says so!

Here’s a great video done by ESPN’s Sport Science.

They dissect gymnasts at the recent SEC Championships from a scientific viewpoint.

We all know how great gymnastics is for the body and mind, but this video blows your mind.

Trietsch Trade Days and Best Gymnastics

We had a wonderful time at the Trietsch Memorial United Methodist Church Trade Days on Saturday. We had the pleasure of meeting lots of new people from the Flower Mound area and had a great time with all the kids and parents who stopped by our booth. We especially enjoyed teaching our friend, Mr. Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Cone, how to roll down the cheese mat! I think he did a pretty good job! One parent stated, “If you can teach him to roll, then you can teach my child!” Thanks to everyone who came out to see us on Saturday and to TMUMC for hosting such a great event for the community.

Shannon Miller’s Triumph

Shannon Miller Olympic Gymnast

Shannon Miller

Shannon Miller is one of the most decorated American gymnasts of all time and a role model for many gymnasts. She’s an amazing athlete and competitor and was a joy to watch as a fan of gymnastics. For the last few months, Shannon has been undergoing preventative chemotherapy as a precautionary measure due to the discovery of a baseball-sized tumor she had removed earlier this year. She wrote a post on her blog yesterday that explains how her gymnastics training helped her persevere through this ordeal. She just finished her last round of chemo and all of us at Best Gymnastics wish her the best of luck! Please take a moment to read her thoughts.

Summer = Great Gymnastics

Summer is one of the BEST times to take gymnastics classes. Classes are typically a little bit smaller and the kids are not in school, so their brains are not as “tired” from school all day. You don’t have to rush around doing all of your after school activities; you just get to come to gymnastics. Many people are worried about missing class because of vacations. Don’t worry! If you miss a class, just call us to schedule a make-up class when you return. If you miss two weeks in a row due to a vacation, you can come two times per week for two weeks to make up the missed classes. We offer unlimited make ups year round so you’ll never run out of them.

Also, by staying enrolled in your class, or enrolling for the first time in the summer, you are guaranteed your spot as we move into the fall. Since our level one classes are small (6 kids), they can fill up pretty quickly. If you’re enrolled, then you will be one of the six in the class. Remember, we don’t have sessions; our classes stay the same year round.

We love the summer and look forward to seeing everyone in class all summer long, but if you can’t make a class, don’t forget about gymnastics camp! We’re already having kids sign up for sessions, so call and book yours today!

Isabel and Junior love the summer and the pit!

John’s Shirt Says It All: Best Athlete

Check out John’s shirt! I saw this the minute he came to class and just loved it! Yes, he is a Best Athlete!!

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