Best Gymnastics

Fun With Best Little Tots!

Little Tots is for boys and girls ages 14 months – 3 years. In this fun-filled 45 minute gymnastics class children are lead by an energetic coach while each child is assisted by a parent/caregiver to reinforce safety and create special bonding memories that will be cherished forever. Children are introduced to age appropriate gymnastics skills with equipment just their size on our preschool floor circuit. They will have the opportunity to walk on a little balance beam, swing on a bar, do front rolls on a cheese mat, practice jumping, hopping and more! Parents/caregivers enjoy watching the smiles and laughter of their children while they jump on the trampolines. Every class ends with a fun time in our foam pit that leaves every child smiling and laughing.

There are two main reasons that Little Tots is so important for your child to experience during the most critical part of development in their lives. The first reason is to enhance their development physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually. Your child will learn important skills such as balance, coordination, flexibility, body control, taking turns, listening, self-esteem, confidence, and more. The second reason is during the class when you are guiding your child you are also having one on one bonding time which is equally important for development at this age. Both of these reasons in turn help boost brain development. Learning the sport of Gymnastics at a young age is beneficial for the overall well-being of a child.

All of the skills taught in Little Tots are building blocks to the skills they need in sports when they are older or for our Best Kids class, an independent student class that begins at the age of 3. You can enroll online,  give us a call at 972-874-8800, or email us at  to secure your spot in a class today!

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