Best Gymnastics

Is Gymnastics Safe?


One of the most common questions we are asked is, “Is gymnastics safe?” With proper instruction, gymnastics is a very safe sport. Many clubs will skip basic skill progressions that are deemed “easy” but do not understand the fundamental foundation that these skills develop to help prevent injury. This lack of understanding simply shows their ignorance and can be harmful to your child. Repetition is the key to safe gymnastics. When the body is habitually wired to perform a basic skill, other, more difficult skills, can be added safely. Best Gymnastics promotes a culture of safety and a healthy respect for the sport of gymnastics and all athletics. All activity at Best Gymnastics is always supervised.

While all physical activity contains an inherent risk of injury, we have developed our curriculum to help prevent injury from a lack of proper training. One of the many benefits of gymnastics training is the overall agility the student develops. This agility can help to prevent slips, falls, and injuries in any other sporting endeavor as well as in daily life. Also, the respect for physical activity is highly developed in gymnasts and will carry throughout their lives!

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