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Is Gymnastics Expensive and Time-Consuming?


It can be, but only if you choose to let it be that way. At Best Gymnastics our philosophy is to pack in as much gymnastics in as short amount of time as possible. We’re talking about children. They don’t need a full-time job at 7 years old. They need to have fun while learning how to love the sport and develop strong social skills. Too often gymnastics clubs will demand their upper level athletes commit their entire lives to the sport. This is not only foolish, but futile. Much of this training time is wasted and can produce diminishing returns. One day a gymnastics career will end, but you will have your body forever. We want to keep our gymnasts’ bodies in the best shape as possible! We have been very successful with students of all levels by keeping training hours low, but extremely productive, encouraging the best grades in school, and fostering positive social interaction with peers and coaches. These principles also help to keep the financial obligation of the family reasonable.

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