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At Best Gymnastics not only do we offer awesome, safe, and technically correct gymnastics instruction, here is how we value our parents and treat them with fairness and respect:

  • No Sessions or Priority Registration: We do not have ‘sessions’. You children can start classes at anytime and advance at her own safe, individual pace. We will never move a student up who is not ready nor hold a child back from advancing to the next level based on a fictitious time table. Also, Best Gymnastics does not have ‘Priority Registration’. All of our customers are our priority, all the time.
  • Unlimited Make-Ups: Best Gymnastics will never limit the amount of make-up classes your child can receive. You paid for those classes, and we believe you are entitled to them all year round, as many as you need, not just during holidays or the summer. Our goal is for your child to enjoy gymnastics and not penalize you in the process. It’s inevitable that everyone will have a schedule conflict at one point or another and we understand that.
  • Absences: We also keep track of your children’s absences for you in our system so you don’t have worry about it. When you have free time, just ask us to schedule your make-ups. It’s that easy.
  • No Annual Registration Fees: Best Gymnastics loves our loyal parents so we will never charge you a registration fee EVERY year. You only pay a registration/set up fee once upon enrolling. Once you’re in our system there’s no need to re-register you. That’s just silly.
  • No Contracts: We have absolutely no reason to ‘lock’ you into any type of contract. You bring your children to Best Gymnastics because you believe they are receiving the best gymnastics instruction available. If you need to take time off for any reason we understand and hope you will return as soon as you can. We will never punish you with penalty fees or inconvenience you by requiring you write us a 30 day written notice. We appreciate all of our customers and treat them with the utmost respect.
  • Forms of Payment: Best Gymnastics values our customer’s right to choose their form of payment method. In other words, we will never require you to have a credit card on file. We take all forms of payments and even prefer auto draft from checking, cash or check payments over credit cards. We also don’t charge late fees. We understand you may forget once and pay a couple of days late. If this occurs, we will call you to remind you if your tuition is past and as a last resort we will have to drop the enrollment in the class, but we will not punish you and take your money for unnecessary fees.
  • Awesome Coaches: Best Gymnastics prides ourselves on the success of your child’s gymnastics instruction. We only employ qualified, safety trained, fun, energetic coaches who are good role models for your children.

Best Gymnastics believes in treating everyone with honesty, fairness, loyalty, and respect. Thank you for choosing us and being a part of the Best Gymnastics family for years to come!

But don’t take our word for it, please read our testimonials!

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