Best Gymnastics

Best Sports Fitness

Best Sports Fitness is for boys and girls or men and women of all ages. This class is a sports conditioning program using the proven strength and conditioning techniques used by gymnasts for years. Instead of using heavy weights that can build a lot of heavy, bulky muscle that can restrict movement and speed, we use body weight and natural resistance to create strong and fast skill specific muscle. Gymnasts have to move quickly through space, but must also move with strength and finesse. Every sport benefits from this combination of movement.

This fast paced one-hour class will challenge the most advanced athletes, but whether you’re a professional athlete or a non-athlete who wants to enhance strength and speed, you will benefit from these workouts. We use unique and interesting movements to create a fun and different workout. This program was not only designed by using years of gymnastics experience, but in combination with a Doctor of Physical Therapy to ensure proper body movements for the safest training possible.

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