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Best Gymnastics Kids

Here’s a quick video compilation of some of our awesome kids at Best Gymnastics and some of the skills they’ve been learning over the last few weeks. We’re so proud of all of our kids at Best Gymnastics!

Skin Health for Summer

With the summer approaching soon, all the best athletes are likely to be exercising in warmer and sunnier conditions. With this change in exercise environment, there are a few precautions that should be taken to ensure that athletes maintain safety while training and competing. From exercise alone, our bodies are exposed to a heightened core […]

Gymnasts are the Best athletes – ESPN says so!

Here’s a great video done by ESPN’s Sport Science. They dissect gymnasts at the recent SEC Championships from a scientific viewpoint. We all know how great gymnastics is for the body and mind, but this video blows your mind.

Shannon Miller’s Triumph

Shannon Miller is one of the most decorated American gymnasts of all time and a role model for many gymnasts. She’s an amazing athlete and competitor and was a joy to watch as a fan of gymnastics. For the last few months, Shannon has been undergoing preventative chemotherapy as a precautionary measure due to the […]

Summer = Great Gymnastics

Summer is one of the BEST times to take gymnastics classes. Classes are typically a little bit smaller and the kids are not in school, so their brains are not as “tired” from school all day. You don’t have to rush around doing all of your after school activities; you just get to come to […]