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Painting the Logo

They finished the walls and before the scissor lifts go home, we need to paint the logo. Here we go! This is just after the first night, so check back for more later!

The Foam Pit

One of the questions we get asked most about gymnastics is, “How deep is the pit?” or “What does it look like under all this foam?” Well, here you go! Soon this will be full of square foam pit blocks with a trampoline underneath to keep it from touching the bottom.

Construction Update 2.28.11

We now have sheetrock on all the walls and they are ready to paint the walls and the air ducts. It looks so different from last week’s video!

Healthy Living ABC’s

Are you doing all you can to stay heart healthy? Here are the healthy living ABC’s of heart attack prevention — an easy-to-remember checklist of the steps you can take to prevent a heart attack, from the cardiologists at Johns Hopkins. Aspirin — A daily low-dose aspirin (75–162 mg a day) is advised for people with […]

Construction Update 2.25.11

We’ve got lights… lots of lights! They’re about ready to paint the walls too.

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