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Why Gymnastics?

Why Gymnastics? By Wm A. Sands, Ph.D. – Department of Exercise and Sport Science – University of UtahGymnastics is an activity of ancient origins and modern tensions. Most large and medium size cities and towns have a private gymnastics school or offer gymnastics activities via a park district, public school, Turners, Sokol, or YMCA. Media […]

Best Gymnastics Hang Ten for Handwriting

Observing children swinging on uneven bars seems as far away as one can get from observing a child trying to write a paragraph, but actually, the two require remarkably similar skills. For children to have good handwriting skills, they must have strong muscles that work together for a common cause. Mighty abs, back muscles, shoulder […]

Find Out How Best Gymnastics Little Tots and Best Kids Classes Can Help Prepare Your Child For School

The more a child tumbles, climbs, creeps and crawls, the more densely wired the brain becomes for academic success. Movement is the architect of a child’s brain. The two hemispheres of the brain are designed to constantly communicate with one another. The left side of the brain controls the right side of the body, and […]

Flip on the Focus

Any time a child participates in activities that require moving large muscles and the compression of joints, this is referred to as heavy work. Heavy work is a term used in the therapy world to describe the types of activities that help focus the brain. Vaulting, hanging, flipping climbing, and leaping are examples of phenomenal […]

Nastia Liukin’s 5 Tips for Parents of Budding Gymnasts

Is your little one is practicing cartwheels, trying on leotards and dreaming of Olympic Gold? If so, gymnast Nastia Liukin has some tips for you.

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