Best Gymnastics

Best Kids Are Happy Kids

Best Kids is a 45 minute super fun gymnastics class for preschoolers ages 3 and 4 years old. In our Best Kids class, introductory, age-appropriate skills are taught on a preschool circuit using equipment just their size. Children have the opportunity to learn many new skills on a low bar with coach assistance, a little balance beam, little parallel bars,  mats, many fun floor exercises and much more! They also learn different skills on the trampoline.

Not only do children learn gymnastics skills in Best Kids, but they also learn many other development skills such as:

Independence: Children are lead by a highly trained, kid-friendly coach who makes learning gymnastics fun while parents watch from the seating area. This teaches children to follow directions from someone other than their parents which helps prepare them for school.

Following Directions: Through repetition we help the children associate a name to the specific skill so when asked to do a skill they are able to do it just by hearing the name. This skill helps to foster independence, a huge confidence booster at this age.

Taking Turns: Our Best Kids classes are always moving, but sometimes a child needs to wait a moment for the child ahead to complete the skill. Waiting until it is a child’s turn before starting the next gymnastics skill is a beneficial social skill for preschoolers.

Physical Fitness: The gymnastics skills taught at this level are designed to enhance children’s body awareness, agility, strength, balance, coordination and speed.

The goal at Best Gymnastics is to make sure the children are having a good time and are excited for class! When a child masters a skill during class time the coach encourages them to go ring the bell in the gym. Everyone in the gym claps for them and the beaming smile on the child’s face is priceless. It is a very proud moment to be recognized in such a positive environment. Each class ends with a fun time playing in the foam pit. After class, the children are delighted to receive stickers and stamps as well as a report card to show the their parents the skills they working on and the progress they are making.

A Best Kids class is more than gymnastics training, it’s designed to build a foundation for children that lasts a lifetime. You can enroll online,  give us a call at 972-874-8800, or email us at  to secure your spot in a class today!

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