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Best Gymnastics Hang Ten for Handwriting

Observing children swinging on uneven bars seems as far away as one can get from observing a child trying to write a paragraph, but actually, the two require remarkably similar skills. For children to have good handwriting skills, they must have strong muscles that work together for a common cause. Mighty abs, back muscles, shoulder muscles, forearms, wrists, and fingers are essential for good writing skills. When children have poor upper body strength and weak core muscles, they have trouble sitting upright at a desk, holding a pencil, and writing legibly. Bar work strengthens all muscle groups responsible for writing with ease.

Help your child hang ten for handwriting by registering for gymnastics classes . We offer classes for boys, girls, recreational, competitive, and tumbling for cheer and dance. Enrollment is simple. You can enroll online,  give us a call at 972-874-8800, or email us at  to secure your spot in a class today! We have a low ratio of 6 students to 1 coach for all beginner classes so space is limited.

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