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Best Gymnastics Girls Team Meet Results


Best Gymnastics Girls Level 4-6 Teams have had a busy competitive season! Best Gymnastics hosted You’re Simply the Best 2013, the first meet ever in our home gym, on February 16-17. The Level 4 Team competed for the first time and won 1st Place Team in the achievement category. The level 5’s won 1st Place Team as well and won many other individual titles:

Savannah Bickhaus – 1st Place All-Around, 2nd Bars and Beam, 3rd Vault, 4th Floor
Kendall Bailey – 2nd All-Around, 1st Place Vault and Floor, 3rd Beam, 4th Bars
Paige Stanley – 5th All-Around, 1st Place Beam, 2nd Floor, 5th Bars, 6th Vault
Kinsey Steskal – 2nd All-Around, 1st Place Bars and Beam, 4th Vault, 10th Floor
Carly Cason – 7th All-Around, 4th Bars, 6th Beam, 7th Floor
Gabriella Hill – 8th All-Around, 5th Bars, 7th Vault
Channing Dillard – 3rd All-Around, 1st Place Bars, 4th Beam, 6th Floor
Aarthi Lokram – 5th All-Around, 5th Floor, 7th Bars, 8th Vault, 9th Beam

The Level 6’s won 2nd Place Team and had many All-Around and event champions:

Sonia Bhattacharya – 3rd All-Around, 2nd Floor, 3rd Beam, 4th Bars, 5th Vault
Sarina Bhattacharya – 1st Place All-Around, Bars and Beam, 2nd Floor, 5th Vault
Alexa Bean – 2nd All-Around and Beam, 3rd Vault and Floor, 6th Bars
Gabriela Capdevila – 5th All-Around, 4th Vault and Floor, 7th Beam, 9th Bars
Kaitlyn Kerns – 6th All-Around, Vault and Bars, 4th Beam, 5th Floor
Stephanie Laseter – 1st Place All-Around, Vault, Bars, Beam, and Floor

On March 2-3, the girls traveled to Lancaster, Texas to compete at Trevino’s Gymnastics. Again, the Level 4’s won 1st Place Team in the achievement category and 2 gymnasts competed in the placement Division:

Alexis Zuniga – 7th Bars, 10th Vault
Regan Vehrs – 4th All-Around and Vault, 1st Place Bars and Floor

The Level 5’s also won 1st Place Team for the 3rd time in a row this season and had many outstanding performances:

Savannah Bickhaus – 1st Place All-Around, 2nd Beam, 3rd Vault, 4th Floor, 5th Bars
Kendall Bailey – 3rd All-Around, 1st Place Beam and Floor, 2nd Vault
Paige Stanley – 4th All-Around and Beam, 5th Floor, 6th Bars, 9th Vault
Kinsey Steskal – 2nd Bars, 8th Vault
Gabriella Hill – 6th All-Around and Floor, 3rd Bars, 4th Vault
Carly Cason – 1st Place Bars, 10th Beam
Aarthi Lokram – 6th Beam

The Level 6’s also won 1st Place Team and some event titles:

Sarina Bhattacharya – 6th All-Around, 2nd Bars, 6th Beam
Sonia Bhattacharya – 7th All-Around, 1st Place Beam, 10th Bars
Alexa Bean – 10th All-Around, 6th Bars, 7th Beam, 8th Floor
Kaitlyn Kerns – 1st Place All-Around, 2nd Bars and Floor, 4th Beam, 8th Vault
Gabriela Capdevila – 3rd All-Around and Bars, 4th Vault, 5th Floor, 7th Beam
Stephanie Laseter – 10th All-Around, 5th Bars, 7th Floor, 9th Vault


During Spring Break, some of the Level 5’s and 6’s traveled to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to compete with over 1000 gymnasts in the Tim Rand Invitational. The Level 5 Team won 3rd Place and the Level 6’s won 2nd Place team. The girls had a great time and put up some great performances, winning 8 individual titles:

Level 5’s
Savannah Bickhaus – 1st All-Around, Vault and Floor, 4th Bars, 6th Beam
Aarthi Lokram – 5th All-Around and Vault, 1st Place Beam, 3rd Floor, 7th Bars
Kendall Bailey – 6th All-Around, 1st Place Beam, 2nd Floor
Paige Stanley – 8th All-Around, 1st Place Floor, 5th Beam
Kinsey Steskal – 5th Beam, 8th Bars

Level 6’s
Sonia Bhattacharya – 4th All-Around, 1st Place Bars, 3rd Vault, 5th Floor, 6th Beam
Sarina Bhattacharya – 5th All-Around, 1st Place Bars, 3rd Beam, 6th Vault, 7th Floor
Alexa Bean – 8th All-Around, Bars and Floor, 6th Beam, 7th Vault
Morgan Russell – 10th All-Around, 8th Vault and Floor, 9th Beam


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